If you want a great way to release your stress and be in touch with your deeper self, Brisbane Sound Meditation is the best ways to achieve both. It is the most accessible way to meditate because it can make anyone go into a deep contemplative state just by basking in therapeutic sounds. Compared to other forms of meditation, you don’t need any kind of special training for sound therapy to work.

What is Sound Meditation?

What makes Brisbane sound meditation different from other practices is of course, the sound, which comes from rhythmic drumming, tuning forks, bowls, chimes, and gongs. For a given period, sound masters play an assortment of percussion instruments that can actually facilitate the altering of one’s consciousness. Sound meditation is one of the oldest healing techniques practiced way back in the ancient times in many countries like China, Nepal and India. It is now recognized as a legitimate form of treatment for physical and mental issues.

Basis of Sound Meditation

Sound healing is a scientific principle in and of itself. If you think about it, the human body is a set of vibrations and rhythms. Every particle inside living beings – whether they’re atoms or cells – vibrate.

The body loses its natural rhythm when physical, mental and emotional stresses become too overwhelming. This is when illnesses and other imbalances occur. Imagine being exposed daily to the sounds of a noisy urban environment: sirens, car honks, alarms, machines, and loud voices. These can ultimately cause pain and damage to your energy flow, which can lead to various health problems.

Through sound meditation, you can re-establish the balance altered by different tensions and trauma in the body. The strategic use of sound waves can help brainwaves reach a higher state of consciousness, necessary for healing and energy restoration.

Receiving and allowing the sounds and vibrations to resonate within the cells causes the body and mind to enter an altered state of consciousness.


What Happens During Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is also known as a sound bath, albeit this activity doesn’t involve getting wet. During a sound bath, participants are asked to lie down in a relaxed position and close their eyes.

Before the sound bath starts, participants are always informed that a variety of sounds in different frequencies are to be introduced in the session as this may have an unsettling effect on some people. It’s also explained that there will be portions devoted to silence. A deep breathing exercise is also practiced before the playing of instruments.

The practitioner then plays a combination of instruments that bathes the participants with waves and waves of sound. Essentially, you are submerged in sound.

The beginning is made of less prominent segments, then reaches a climax where gong sounds are performed, and slowly calms down into quiet sounds.

Sound meditation usually lasts for 45 minutes to an hour, including the introduction, breathing exercises, and quiet moments. After the sound bath, participants can share their experiences if they wish to do so.

One common misconception is that a sound bath works the same way a musical concert does. However, the two are different in the sense that sound meditation is more open and unstructured compared to music. These unstructured sounds will not elicit one’s typical reaction to music (e.g., “I like that beat”). You do not consciously think about the sound; it allows you to go deeper into your own self.


Benefits of Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is scientifically proven to show wonderful effects, which include:

  • The release of negative feelings associated with anger, anxiety and depression especially when in the meditative state
  • Deep relaxation that can revitalize mental and emotional health
  • Less fatigue, both physically and mentally
  • Physical impact like lower blood pressure, stimulated blood circulation and improved breathing
  • The release of toxic habits like drug addiction from the mind and body
  • Alleviated chronic pain (e.g., spinal problems, migraine and other conditions)


Why is Sound Meditation Great for Beginners?

For novices, the very thought of meditation can be an intimidating concept. Especially when different people say different things about how meditation should be approached, some feel uncertain as to how to start the practice.

With sound meditation, you don’t need to know how to meditate or switch off the mind. The sound does it for you. In a way, sound meditation maximises the impact that sound has on people and uses it to restore balance.

Like other meditation techniques, sound baths are meant to physically and mentally rest the body. But instead of reciting a mantra repeatedly, you lie down, focus on yourself and allow sounds to calm you entirely. A certified sound therapy practitioner, Nate Martinez, says that sound baths provide even those without meditative training the chance to be centred.

Sound baths are ideal for people who are easily distracted when attempting to meditate, as well as those who just cannot find their centre. With sound baths, you don’t have to try too hard to meditate. You let the sounds take you to that state of higher consciousness. According to Martinez, “This complete immersion in sound can provide us with the much-needed perspective and give our body and mind an opportunity to process”.



Sound meditation is actually one of the most approachable forms of meditation. You don’t need prior training to experience its holistic benefits.

The sound from the gongs and other devices gives the mind something to grab onto so it is actually easy to achieve even if you have no experience in meditation or meditative practices. With sound baths, no two sessions are ever the same. With each meditative state, you continuously discover something new about yourself.

Sound is a powerful tool that can be used to change your mood, health and overall state of wellbeing. Through sound meditation, you gain a unique mindfulness experience on each immersion. It is your opportunity to find your centre and bring balance back to your wellbeing.

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