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Get in quick for this special light rebalancing healing session with me online.


Want to break up those blockages and tensions in your body?

Need a healing that rebalances your frequency so you can function better, think clearer and super charge your health?

Need to get into deeper states so you can access more creativity in work and life?

You won’t find this anywhere else in the world! Literally I am the only person doing this online and have had so many breakthroughs, it makes what I can do for you so rewarding!

🌿🌿  HALF PRICE 3 x  45min session 🌿🌿 

🌿🌿 Individual Sound & Light Intuitive Immersion Sessions 🌿🌿 

🌶🌶 Normally $400 but today only $222 plus a secret sound healing audio download 🌶🌶


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*** I want the ‘You’re Awesome’ deal *** 

If a part of the body is out of balance it will energetically resonate ‘out of tune’. By applying the correct frequency a resonance is created that en-trains the part that is out of balance back to its correct frequency.

The body or body area will only take in and absorb whatever frequencies are needed so this session is a very safe form of therapy to use, even on children. Please note it may also have other effects at conscious and unconscious levels and in the first session I will do a quick frequency wellness check with you 🙂

“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.” ~Marianne Williamson

Wishing you a gongtastic day!

Leith James 🙂

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