Reduce Anxiety & Stress With Light Healing Therapy

Reduce Anxiety & Stress With Light Healing Therapy

Reprogram your brain to reduce anxiety & stress while relaxing more easily? The Anja Light has been expertly engineered to help you decompress and reach a deep state of relaxation. This treatment is safe and effective; when used appropriately it can have long lasting effects to reduce anxiety and rid your brain of negative energy or unnecessary static. This process can be compared to tuning a radio to reduce static or pressing the reset button. An Anja Light treatment is a light sequence combined with calming music. It activates various areas in the brain and stimulates the pineal gland, which sends you into a sleep-like state. Once you reach this state, the Anja Light works to reset faulty brainwaves while reducing anxiety and stress. How does the Anja Light work? Life has a tendency to pull you in what can seem like a million different directions. Sleep is a crucial component in the body’s ability to heal, recharge, and become revitalized. Many people have noticed positive changes after the first treatment In this age of technology we are constantly “plugged in” and exposed to more information than our brains can effectively handle. Have you ever been reading a book and turned the page only to realize that you can’t recall anything you just read? This is just one example of the result of “brain overload”. When it comes time to unplug and go to sleep your mind is still racing. To remedy this, people will often read online or watch a show. The blue light from your device’s screen tells your brain to stay awake. With all of these...
Top Health Benefits For Using Palo Santo In Your Home

Top Health Benefits For Using Palo Santo In Your Home

Where does palo santo come from? Deep in the dry tropical forests of South America lay an ancient tree by the name of Palo Santo (which translates to Holy Wood) that’s been used for centuries dating back to the era of the Incas. Known for it’s indigenous medicinal purposes it has been cultivated for its incense and oil properties. Be it the wood shavings burned for smudging, the oil that’s distilled to be used in massaging/diffusing or boiled in water for tea, Burserea Graveolens has highly spiritual purifying and healing properties. What is palo santo wood? With an ancient lineage native to Mexico, Mexico, Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands the Palo Santo tree falls into the same family as frankincense and myrrh. The mystical ‘Holy Wood’ tree has an element of citrus and emits succulent hints of sweet lemon, pine and mint. The wood is used in a variety of ways to cleanse energy and improve health. What is Palo Santo essential oil? Ethically harvested from dead wood, the essential oil goes thru a chemical-free process of distillation. The therapeutic properties of the oil range from the ability to heighten positive moods, increase vitality and aid for protection against negative energies. The simplest way to use the essential oil is through simple massage and skin absorption and can also be used in your diffuser. How to use in your meditation practice? As in all meditation, there are numerous accompaniments that can be incorporated into the healing process. The use of Palo Santo helps in the vibrational...
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