Didgeridoo Sounds – Spirit Guide on CD Download


Didgeridoo Sounds – Spirit Guide on CD is intended to take the listener on a relaxing journey that gently opens them up to the healing energy of the Didgeridoo. You may find these songs can help open you to your inner self as the vibrations bypass the active mind and go directly to the unconscious and subconscious realms. In this way the Didgeridoo can help you on your healing path to uncover and dissolve any underlying issues.

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Didgeridoo Sounds – Digital Download is ideal for meditation and transformation purposes at home, office, treatment space or in nature. Use these vibratory, rhythmic and melodic sounds of the gongs to unlock the full potential of your energy system or as a holistic aid to enter a deep state of relaxation and healing.

Please note that these recordings should not be listened to while driving or operating any heavy equipment. My recommendation would be to listen to these songs with quality headphones or in a quiet space when possible.

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