Reprogram your brain to reduce anxiety & stress while relaxing more easily?

The Anja Light has been expertly engineered to help you decompress and reach a deep state of relaxation. This treatment is safe and effective; when used appropriately it can have long lasting effects to reduce anxiety and rid your brain of negative energy or unnecessary static. This process can be compared to tuning a radio to reduce static or pressing the reset button.

An Anja Light treatment is a light sequence combined with calming music. It activates various areas in the brain and stimulates the pineal gland, which sends you into a sleep-like state. Once you reach this state, the Anja Light works to reset faulty brainwaves while reducing anxiety and stress.

How does the Anja Light work?

Life has a tendency to pull you in what can seem like a million different directions. Sleep is a crucial component in the body’s ability to heal, recharge, and become revitalized.

Many people have noticed positive changes after the first treatment

In this age of technology we are constantly “plugged in” and exposed to more information than our brains can effectively handle. Have you ever been reading a book and turned the page only to realize that you can’t recall anything you just read? This is just one example of the result of “brain overload”. When it comes time to unplug and go to sleep your mind is still racing. To remedy this, people will often read online or watch a show. The blue light from your device’s screen tells your brain to stay awake. With all of these variables sleep can seem near impossible.

The Anja Light resets this hormonal imbalance and achieves the proper circadian rhythm. This allows for a more restful sleep and a less stressful day. It also produces Melatonin – the hormone that makes us sleepy. If we don’t produce enough, our sleep is impacted and our bodies become increasingly stressed. This can be to blame for the development of anxiety, depression, and hormonal imbalance. The Anja Light activates the pineal gland, reverses these negative effects, and allows you to achieve relaxation. With this renewed ability to relax you will be better able to cope with anxiety and stress

How the Anja Light Can Benefit You?

This treatment is restorative. In addition to stress relief, the Anja Light has the power to develop control of your consciousness. In other words, it increases your ability to self-soothe and to proactively address anxiety rather than allowing it to become all-consuming. Forget the feeling of being “stuck”! The Anja Light gently pushes you to break the mold and rid yourself of unhealthy habits and destructive behaviors.

This alternative therapy is a drug-free way to eliminate stress.

Anja Light sessions lead to a renewed sense of self and greater self-confidence. When you’re not suffering from chronic stress you are able to focus on the details that are special about you. This, in turn, promotes happiness and joyful living without having to be “on” all the time or expend great amounts of energy. Living in a joyful state promotes peace from within. This change will not only benefit you, but all of those around you. The positive energy will make falling sleep easier to achieve and on a consistent basis. Your sleep will be more restful allowing you to awaken with energy and purpose. Take your cognitive function to greater heights with a stronger ability to focus, tune in to your intuition, and retain more information more quickly.

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Is exposure to the Anja Light safe?

The Anja Light is both safe and effective. Those with light sensitivity should request that intensity be lowered. Even with less intensity, the light treatment will be very effective.

Who are the best candidates for Anja Light therapy?

The Anja Light is great for people on the go, because change happens quickly and the benefits have been felt after just one treatment. The Anja Light is safe to use on just about everyone, even pregnant women. It has been used on children as young as 4 and adults as old as 89. The only people who should avoid this treatment are those suffering from epilepsy. The flickering lights could induce seizure.

When was the Anja Light created?

This is a relatively new therapy, created in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2014. Originally practiced in simple cottages, it is now used in 17 different countries and endorsed by Dr. Chris Fisher, an M.D./ Ph.D. who studied the practice at Chiang Mai University.

How does the Anja Light differ from other types of light?

Regular forms of light can be stimulating, but the Anja Light was developed with six frequencies synced to human brain waves. The therapy stimulates the Pineal gland, which is responsible for relaxation. With your heightened state of awareness and calm, you are able to achieve deep relaxation and tap into your subconscious.

The best time to make a change in your life is today! Let the Anja Light be your change, your guide to a stress-free, happy life. 

Endorsed by a number of Thailand’s most acclaimed Buddhist monks

Monk Light Therapy

“This Light takes me in a very short period of time to the same ‘Light’ experience in my deep meditations. Suranad said he wholeheartedly supports the AJNA Light as “one of the tools for raising human consciousness. Suranad Sajjadsophon


What Our Client says:

Ajna Light Brisbane

After 5 sessions of the Anja light healing, I felt relaxed and beneficial to my health with deep night’s sleep for 3 days after the session.I also found it helped me with my anxiety and stress levels. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Leith, he is very passionate about helping heal people  Lauren Duffy


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