Gong Meditation Training Course

Gong Meditation Training

Level 1 Gong Training Brisbane & Gong Puja (Sound Bath);

Weekend Intensive with Overnight Performance- Australian School Of Gong Training

Saturday, May 11th – Sunday 12th May 2019   AEST

“Vibrate the cosmos; the cosmos shall clear the path.” ~Yogi Bhajan

My name is Leith James, and I will be your teacher for Level One Gong Training.

I am a Gong Master and Sound Healing Practitioner, learning my skills from both the British Academy of Sound Therapy and the Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux.

I invite you to join me for a weekend of training so that you too can share in the joy and benefits of the Gong and the magic that it brings. I choose to teach my students how to play the Gong creatively, skilfully and most importantly- from the heart.

No experience is necessary- just a willingness to be open to the powerful resonance of the Gong, and allowing yourself to find your own style within the teachings I will share.

Gongs have an incredible way of shifting time and locality- something you will experience for yourself as you begin to immerse yourself on this path…

When played with intention and correct technique, gongs provide an entry point to shifting old patterns, expanding your spirit, opening your heart, recovering your soul from places you have felt yourself lost or stuck within, self-mastery and true presence.

They have long been recognised for their powerful ability to clear energy and create strong vibrations both within a space and within our energetic system.

Many practitioners and recipients have witnessed how they can pull an individual, or oneself, back from “the edge” and create a different platform for one’s existence, as well as moving into a new foundational core of living, transcending anything that is no longer aligned to our highest good.


Your Training Experience:

Gong Training, Level One (Brisbane)


Saturday, May 11th – Sunday 12th May 2019  

This is a unique experience that provides the essential Gong Training, catered meals, and an incredible overnight experience in which you will have your first opportunity to perform to a group, in what is known as a “Gong Bath Puja”.


Training Begins at 9:00 am Saturday, 8:45 am arrival recommended

9.00 am – 5.00 pm: Gong Training, Level One

(48 Barabooka Place, The Gap)


8 Hour Gong Bath Puja, Begins at 9:00 pm Saturday

9pm-6: 30 am: Overnight Gong Bath Puja

(Toowong Rowing Club)


Closing Ceremony, Begins at 6:30 am Sunday

6:30 am: We finish our Gong Puja with a Closing Ceremony


Level 1 Gong Certificate Training

In the daytime element of the weekend we share, the Saturday will be dedicated to the Level One Gong Training. The overnight aspect provides you with an opportunity to participate and perform in a Gong Bath Puja, building your skills and confidence, as well as being an incredible opportunity to share with your fellow students.

 Within this workshop, I will teach you the fundamentals of playing the Gong, as well as the history, foundations and sacred aspects of the art.  You will be competent (and hopefully excited to share!) everything you have learned, with your friends, family, and the public.


We Will Cover:

  • The history of the Gong
  • Various Gong techniques
  • Suspended Gong strokes and playing from different positions
  • Benefits, uses and sound healing aspects of the Gong
  • How to run your own Gong Bath for the public
  • How to set up your own Gong Kit with care and how to perform maintenance (Please ask me about organising a Gong, Gong Kits or accessories, as I can organise these items for you.)
  • You will have the opportunity to perform and participate in an all-night Gong Puja and public ceremony
  • You will experience a live Gong Sound Immersion, as well as a traditional Closing Ceremony.
  • The Gong training will not only give you skills to take away and use within your daily life, but also be a transformational experience for participants.
  • The idea of a Gong Puja was something I was shown by the Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux, who has been a teacher and mentor to me throughout my learning of the Gong.

Essentially it is a sound healing ceremony comprising of an 8-hour marathon of Gong Sound Immersion. This is a deeply moving, powerful, transformative and profound event, which many participants have said they have found to be a completely life changing experience.

Training finishes at 5.00 pm.  A nourishing dinner is provided as part of your experience, giving you space to rest and integrate your learning before the evening session begins.

The overnight Puja will start at 10.00 pm, running through the night, into the dawn, and ending with a ceremony at 6:30 am.

This is an exclusive training event for 10 people only that is something I hope you will always remember as a wonderful part of your journey through life. May the Gongs bring deep joy and happiness into your life ongoingly.

Your Evening Meal:

  • Pushpanna rice (Basmati rice with Fresh herbs, Caps, Corn and Cashew)
  • Matar paneer curry (fresh curd/cheese with tomato and peas)
  • Mixed seasonal vegetable curry in coconut milk sauce
  • Pakoras and Chutney (Mixed vegetable fritters)
  • Served with Fresh Garden Salad
  • Dessert of Sweet Halva & Custard
  • Accompanied by an energising Lemon Mint drink


Course Cost:

The Training Cost is $750, with a $250 deposit required to secure your place.

If you wish to purchase a full Gong Kit, I can offer a package of $1589, with details below of items inclusive. Please also see my list of other items available, and talk to me about your specific requirements so I can tailor a package to suit your individual needs. If you wish to purchase a Gong or Gong Kit at a later date, I am also able to organise this, but the package option applies only to those who wish to purchase at the time of enrolment.

Banking Details:

HigherVibration Foundation

Bsb: 034034

Account: 382583

Please use your name and course date as a reference.

Gong Kit Details:


  • 70 cm Wuhan Wind Gong (Feng Gong), sourced from traditional Chinese Alchemists
  • 32”- 34” Paiste stand holds 2 gongs with roller wheels
  • 2 Gong Mallets
  • 1 Gong Carry Bag


Other Items Available include:

  • Gongs
  • Stands
  • Wing Nut Spanner
  • Mallets
  • Flume mallets
  • Resonant Mallets
  • Egg Mallet
  • Gong cleaning
  • Singing Bowls
  • Dumbell Chime
  • Palo Santo and Palo Santo Spray (handmade)
  • Egyptian Scents
  • Cds

Please speak to me about any requirements you have, I am happy to organise a custom package for you and can order in other items not listed here if you are looking for something specific.


Leith`s teaching comes from the heart and his connection with the power of the gongs is paramount.

Carmela Emmi

I have had a deep interest in gongs for a few years, you have given me a new lease on the appreciation for the magic that gongs bring to our lives. Thank you, Margie 🙂

Marg O`Sullivan

A calm patient human who has lived and learnt and I feel truly blessed to be now part of this gong family.

Belinda Scott

Loved the day – Very excited to start this Journey Thankyou so much, great presenter.

Lisa Ellman

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