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Level 1 Gong Training Brisbane

My name is Leith James. I am a Gong Master and Sound Practitioner with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

Join me for a weekend of training so that you too can share in the joy and benefits of the Gong and the magic that it brings. Learn How to play creatively and from the heart. No experience is necessary. Gongs change time and locality. Skilfully played, gongs provide the entry point to recovery, self-recovery, they can pull an individual back from “the edge” and create a different platform for their existence.

 Vibrate the cosmos; the cosmos shall clear the path.” ~Yogi Bhajan


Training includes: A Full Gong Set Up To Take Home 

  • 70 cm Wuhan Wind Gong (Feng Gong) Sourced from traditional Chinese Alchemists
  • 28”- 30”  Paiste square orchestra set stand holds 2 gongs with roller wheels
  • 2 Gong Mallets
  • 1 Gong Carry Bag


Gong training in Brisbane Saturday, June 2nd –  Sunday 3rd 

Training Saturday

9.00 am – 5.00 pm

8 Hour Gong Bath Puja

10.00 pm Saturday – 6.30 am Sunday


6.30 am Closing Ceremony

Level 1 Gong Certificate Training

In this overnight Gong training workshop, I will teach you the fundamentals of playing the Gong so you can play for yourself, to friends and family, or for the members of the public

You will learn

  • The history of the Gong
  • How to set up your own Gong kit with care and maintenance
  • Practice suspended Gong strokes and playing from different positions
  • How to run your own Gong Bath for the public
  • Perform and participate in an all-night Gong Puja and public ceremony
  • Experience a live Gong Sound Immersion

The Gong training will also be a transformational experience for participants.

The idea of a Gong Puja was something I learned from the Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux. Essentially it is a ceremony and an 8-hour marathon Gong Sound immersion which is deeply powerful, transformative and profound. It can also be a life changing experience.

The training will finish at 5.00 pm. Dinner is included

The all-night Puja will start at 10.00 pm

This is an exclusive training event

Price $1489

Or $500 Deposit

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Deposits close 1st of April



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