Join me Leith James Gong Master and Sound Practitioner with the British Academy of Sound for this very special and memorable afternoon in which I will create a fusion of sound and cacao for a unique Cacao and Gong Bath Ceremony.

We drink Cacao in ceremony to reconnect with our deep inner guidance and open our hearts. Journeying with the sounds to discover more about ourselves, release negative blockages and find peace and inner wisdom.

The Spirit of Cacao was one of the most revered of the ancient Mayan Deities. They called Cacao ‘The water that runs through the heart’. Chocolate is a Sacred, Medicinal, Psychoactive, Plant and Theobroma or cacao actually means “Food of the Gods”

A Cacao Ceremony and Gong bath gives us time for ourselves in a hectic and stressful world. It is the perfect space to switch off the outside chaos and journey within, so that we can become clearer of who we are, where we are going, and the opportunities available to us.

After the Cacao Ceremony, we will be laying down and bathing in sounds and vibrations of the Gongs.

Gongs help you to drop into meditation in an easy and nurturing way. In this contemplation state, you have the opportunity to calm the mind. Negativity and chaos are suspended, irregularity and resistance are cleared, and your whole being is reset to a state of harmony and alignment.

This will be a beautiful journey into the heart for an intimate group of people.

The event details

Session Starts 1 pm SHARP

Due to the nature of this unique sound meditation, no late admittance will be accepted after 1 pm


• Bookings are essential online

• Prepaid only (No door tickets as there are limited spaces)

• Places fill up fast – limited spaces!

No cancellations or changes once this appointment is booked

What To Bring

• Comfortable clothes (The room is now air-conditioned)

• No children under 18 years old

* I encourage you to drink lots of water after this session.

On Sale

– Palo Santo wood/oil (Space clearing)

– Egyptian Chakra Clearing Oils

– Gong Sound Meditation Cd`s

Contact Leith on Ph 0431 086 569

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March 3


01:00 pm - 03:30 pm

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48 Barrabooka Dr The Gap, Brisbane, QLD 4061

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