Join Leith James Gong Master and Sound Practitioner with the British Academy of Sound for this very special 3 Hour Gong Bath leaving special for an evening of relaxation and transformation. 

Be taken away on an energetic soundscape, let vibrational waves of the Gong sound transform and replenish your whole being.

The ancient art of sound healing works throughout your cellular body, enhancing your sense of self and spirit.  The physical body’s response counteracts the physical signs of aging and stress related conditions associated with today’s lifestyle.  Enjoying a minimum of 1 hour of Gong Sound Meditation is the same as 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  This state of rest and renewal enables the body to repair, strengthen the immune system and relax the nervous system.

Allowing the body to balance in the mind body and spirt.  After a session with Gong Sound Meditation you will find clarity of mind, emotional stability, your mood is enhanced, anxiety levels drop.  Your creativity is clear and productivity increases in your daily life.  

Hear what others have to say…  

Pete de Mamiel
This was 1 of those special experiences that I can not believe I had not heard of or personally took part in.
WOW WOW WOW, it is so special and beyond words, I will be attending again. absolute Bliss resonates through my body like the best ever massage. They call it Gong Bath, I call it Gong Massage Heaven

Mitzi Clifford
I went to my first one last night. It was incredible. Try it!

Steve Christie
This is such an amazing experience… Just do yourself a favour and go and experience this yourselves.. WOW!!!!!

In this event, you will get to experience my full Gong setup + other transformative instruments 

Sound therapy can help assist with the following:

* Chronic Stress and Fatigue

* Anxiety & Depression

* People who find it hard to meditate

* For physical and emotional blockages

* For a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation

* Sleep issues

The event details

Session Starts 3pm SHARP

Due to the nature of this unique sound meditation, no late admittance will be accepted after 1 pm


• Bookings are essential online

• Prepaid only (No door tickets as there are limited spaces)

• Places fill up fast


No cancellations or changes once this appointment is booked

What To Bring

• Comfortable clothes

• Bolsters, yoga mats and blankets are all supplied

• No children under 18 years old

Parking Available On Street 

So come along and rejuvenate body and mind on a cellular level through the power of the Gongs.

*Please note many walk away with a natural happy buzz that lasts for several hours and I encourage you to drink lots of water after this sound detox.


March 16


03:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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48 Barrabooka dr

The Gap, QLD 4061

The Gap, QLD, AU, 4061

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