Why Brisbane Sound Meditation is Perfect for Beginners? – Sound Meditation Benefits

Why Brisbane Sound Meditation is Perfect for Beginners? – Sound Meditation Benefits

If you want a great way to release your stress and be in touch with your deeper self, Brisbane Sound Meditation is the best ways to achieve both. It is the most accessible way to meditate because it can make anyone go into a deep contemplative state just by basking in therapeutic sounds. Compared to other forms of meditation, you don’t need any kind of special training for sound therapy to work. What is Sound Meditation? What makes Brisbane sound meditation different from other practices is of course, the sound, which comes from rhythmic drumming, tuning forks, bowls, chimes, and gongs. For a given period, sound masters play an assortment of percussion instruments that can actually facilitate the altering of one’s consciousness. Sound meditation is one of the oldest healing techniques practiced way back in the ancient times in many countries like China, Nepal and India. It is now recognized as a legitimate form of treatment for physical and mental issues. Basis of Sound Meditation Sound healing is a scientific principle in and of itself. If you think about it, the human body is a set of vibrations and rhythms. Every particle inside living beings – whether they’re atoms or cells – vibrate. The body loses its natural rhythm when physical, mental and emotional stresses become too overwhelming. This is when illnesses and other imbalances occur. Imagine being exposed daily to the sounds of a noisy urban environment: sirens, car honks, alarms, machines, and loud voices. These can ultimately cause pain and damage to your energy flow, which can lead to various health problems. Through sound meditation, you can re-establish...
Healing Through Vibrations: Gong Sound Meditation

Healing Through Vibrations: Gong Sound Meditation

The search for a way to achieve stress relief and deep relaxation takes us back to the ancient practice of sound therapy. This is one of the oldest healing approaches in history, and modern science has recognised its benefits.   Sound Therapy Sound therapy is based on the premise that everything in our lives, including our body, is made up of vibrations. If the vibrations lose the proper rhythm, an individual’s physical and mental state experiences discord as well. When there is a conscious application of sound frequencies, this can bring about healing. Sound therapy is the conscious application of sound frequencies for healing. Using vibrations brings the individual back to a state of harmony of mind, body and spirit. In fact, studies have shown that sound therapy can affect brain waves and encourage the healing process.   How Gong Sound Impacts Our Body Sound healing can be achieved using different instruments that generate frequencies. And one of the most prominent instruments used is the gong. It has been used throughout history as a ceremonial and healing instrument, with origins dating back to 3,000 B.C. Gongs have a distinct, rich sound. When the gong produces sound waves, our dermatomes – nerves that relay sensation – are stimulated and send signals to the brain. The gong sound enables us to reach a meditative state, which can help ease pain and other sensory issues. The gong sound has been proven to eliminate headaches, migraines, spinal pains and other injuries. One expert, Yogi Bhajan, even developed a programme where the gong is used to treat drug addiction.   Gong Baths Gong baths...
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